• ‘The Purist’ Shaving Brush
  • ‘The Purist’ Shaving Brush

‘The Purist’ Shaving Brush

‘Silver Tip’ badger hair shaving brush, available in two materials

Made with ‘Silver Tip’ badger hair, it provides a perfect grip to help you reach shaving excellence.

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  • Description

    Handmade in Germany by Muelhe’s best craftsmen – they have been experts in shaving accessories for almost a century, with sustainability and environmental responsibility as a core value – this shaving brush, with its elegant curves and luxurious materials, is the ideal tool for your morning ritual.

    Its handle, adorned with chrome details, is available in two materials: Curly birch burr from Karelia, in the Russian forest, a wood with extraordinary curly patterns that make each object unique, or an ivory-coloured high quality resin. 

    The brush itself is made of silver badger hair (‘Silver Tip’). These extremely rare bristles come from the neck area of the animal and are known to be extremely fine, soft and gentle. The silvery colour of the hair shows a signature dark band, the ‘mirror’, a mark of its quality. This type of hair is best known for holding water better, helping work up a luxurious, creamy lather. 

    As the best barbers always professed: ‘A rich lather makes the shaving experience twice easier!’

    Knot size: 21 mm

    Dimensions: 37 mm x 113 mm

    Weight: 120 g

  • How to use

    Things that really matter require time. Shaving, a pillar of masculine rituals, is one of these things.

    Hold your brush under warm water and brush the soap with a few swirling movements. At this point, it is advised to massage the skin of your chin with the brush, still in circular movements, to prepare it for the following step: the shave. After shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly under the tap and let it dry, preferably hanging upside down.   

    Added bonus: the bristles are removable, thus easily replaceable.

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