• Alabastron Refill Alexandrie

Alabaster Refill Alexandrie

Perfume concentrate : lemon, blackcurrant and ginger , 5ml

5mL to extend by several months the fragrance of your Alabaster.

22,00 € 22,00 €

22,00 €
  • Description

    The Alabaster is a novel mode of fragrance diffusion, heat-less and steam-less, imbued with great perfuming power.

    The upshot: cupboards, wardrobes, bathrooms, cars as well as rooms medium and small are perfumed with L’Officine’s scents.

    What to do next? Travel through childhood memories. Jump for joy, for lo and behold, your Alabaster is reborn like the phoenix. Melt hearts of stone.


    Alexandrie : On the onyx and jade incrusted tiles, a ray of moonlight cuts out the foliage of the lemon trees and the dance of the palms, gently rocking the evening warmth. The night’s torrent, rushing in, sends shivers through the blue menthol-scented shade of the garden. Under the canopy, in the half-light, a curved blade and a pair of steely eyes sparkle.

    Head notes: Lemon

    Heart notes: Blackcurrant, Mint, Ginger

    Bottom notes: Vanilla, Moss

  • How to use

    Pour 1/3 of the perfume concentrate onto the stone.


    Nota bene: pour the perfume concentrate with caution. Should it come in contact with your hands, rinse abundantly!

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