Purifying treatment

Bentonite clay is a precious clay of volcanic and hydrothermal origin,.

Rich in minerals: calcium, potassium and silica, it remineralizes and purifies the epidermis. Thanks to its layered structure, it has a strong capacity to absorb impurities and toxins. Purifying, it promotes the penetration of active ingredients through the skin.

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  • Description

    A prodigious earth used as a universal and ancestral care treatment, clay can be found across the world in different compositions and hues: pink, red, beige, white, yellow, green...

    Rich in trace elements, endowed with purifying and remineralizing properties and respectful of balances, clay acts gently and in depth. Porous and absorbent, it acts like a blotter and absorbs impurities and toxins. Essential in natural beauty rituals, clay softens the skin and coats the hair fibre. Due to its adsorption capacities, negatively charged clay will capture positive ions and energise the body.

    Natural clay solidifies into very hard blocks that are collected in open quarries. The clay is then analysed and transported to a drying area under direct sunlight. A second hand sorting is carried out before grinding it and reducing it to a homogeneous powder. The finest clay grains are suitable for beauty treatments.

    A return to earth... Transdermal absorption allows to benefit from the minerals contained in the clay and to contribute to the natural balance of the skin and hair.

  • How to use

    When applied to damp skin and in a thick layer, the clay mask should be removed before it dries out entirely. 

    In order to fully benefit from the properties of clay, add a few drops of oil to your mask preparations to avoid the “tight skin” effect and dryness of the epidermis.

    Clay must always be thrown after use and cannot be reused.

    To preserve its virtues and its precious ions, never handle clay with metal utensils. Metal spoons or bowls should therefore be avoided in the preparation of your masks.

    Cleansing mask
    Mix a heaped teaspoon of Sensy lilac clay, a teaspoon of climbing ivy macerate and a dose of Eau Ionisée Hygiénique Doublement Rectifiée. The ideal texture must be soft and easy to apply to half (or all) of the face, including the mouth. Leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. Apply a dose of Eau Ionisée all over the face to finish the treatment.

  • Ingredients


    100% natural ingredients

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