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              The Insolent

              Rake comb, long and thick hair

              Let light, supple hair rejoice: this tight-toothed comb will emphasize its natural undulations and allow it to breathe. For morning and evening use: there is no risk in over-combing.

              50,00 € tax incl. 50,00 € Tax incl. 41,67 € Tax excl.

              50,00 € Tax incl. 41,67 € Tax excl.



                Your first name or the one of your gift recipient can be engraved in the acetate. On toothbrushes, we suggest your inscription is no longer than 13 signs, for aestheticism.

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              • Description

                Nothing is as finely elegant as an l'Officine Universelle Buly's comb, not to mention one bearing Buly’s signature! There are different models of those, designed for all usages, hair types, hair lines, scalp sensitivities, and of course for all preferences.

                Meticulously fashioned out of high-quality acetate and bronze.

                Their natural material - a noble cellulose-based plastic invented in France in the late 19th century - and their being handcrafted in Switzerland by one of the last manufacturers in Europe make them an item of luxury, durably efficient and so pleasing to the eyes! Each is hand-carved and hand-polished. The teeth and notches are specially positioned to avoid damaging the hair.

                Dimensions : 18.5 x 4

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