• Loofah


Origin: Greece

Its dimpled shape and rough texture make loofah a very effective exfoliating sponge to smooth cellulite and stimulate circulation.

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6,00 €
  • Description

    The Loofah is the fruit of a climbing tree in tropical zones. Dried after having removed the seeds, it becomes an alveolate structure that, once humidified, can be used as a sponge of which the shape is oval. The exterior part of the loofah is soft and its inside harsh: as a result, it is cut in separate parts in order to be able to easily used from both sides for a body scrub, stimulate and activate body circulation, and to prevent the very often despised cellulite.

  • How to use

    After its usage, it is recommended to rince it with warm water and leave it in a dry place to avoid its deterioration. Then, it could be used for 6 months.

    It is also possible to put it in the washing machine, protected by a cotton sleeve and with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees celsius.

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