• The Classic Razor - The experienced - Grande twist
  • The Classic Razor - The experienced - Grande twist

The Classic Razor The Experienced - Twist

Closed comb safety razor in chrome

An all-time favourite wet-shaving accessory, this closed comb safety razor in chrome textured metal is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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79,00 €
  • Description

    A classic among classics, The Classic – The Novice performs a precise, gentle wet shave. It fits in the hand perfectly, with a balanced weight and an excellent grip.

    Recommended for beginners, it also remains the best choice for more experienced users. 

    Modern yet timeless, its chromed, delicately knurled (also known as guilloché) handle is both sophisticated and ergonomic.

    It’s hard to choose between the classic silver chrome model and the more daring rose gold plating, an alloy of gold and copper.

    The Classic was designed with extraordinary skill in Germany by MÜHLE’s master craftsmen, specialised in shaving accessories for almost a century.

    With curves here, interlacing there, the razor’s chrome brings not only shine but perfect resistance to rust and the passage of time. 

    A small wonder of precision, design and beauty, this safety razor called ‘Closed Comb’ bears a double-edged blade and a protective bar that ensures a safe wet shave with a significantly decreased risk of nicks and cuts, and precise strokes, even in the angles. It is suitable for both sensitive and normal skin, for daily use and normal beards.

    This model can be used with any standard safety blade. The handle can be unscrewed to make the change of blade easier.

    The Classic is also available as part of a full shaving set, along with matching shaving brush and stand. 

    Dimensions: 41 mm x 107 mm

    Weight: 90 g

    Shaving Head: open comb with replaceable blade

  • How to use

    The fixed, thin blade might look intimidating but your hand will get used to the razor in no time and your shaving ritual will only become more efficient.

    Stick to the ritual:

    Wet your beard with warm water and use the brush to apply a rich lather. Take your time to apply the lather: it will only make your shave safer.

    Find the perfect angle for the razor head and the position of the blade: the handle should be held at a roughly 30-degree angle from the skin.

    Start with your cheeks and simply let the razor glide on your skin.

    Always shave with the grain – follow the direction your hair grows.

    Slightly pull your skin towards your neck to help with shaving. Beginners: rest assured, occasional scratches will soon be a thing of the past.

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