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              ORANGE RIND POWDER

              Natural Shampoo , 100g

              A powder valued for its delicate scent, cleansing properties and brightening effect for skin and hair.

              22,00 € tax incl. 22,00 € Tax incl. 18,33 € Tax excl.

              22,00 € Tax incl. 18,33 € Tax excl.

              • Description

                Orange rind powder is much sought-after due to its fortifying and beautifying effect on dull hair, not to mention its delightful scent. It is especially suited to cleaning combination and oily skin, by virtue of its deep-cleansing and tonifying properties.


              • How to use

                L'Officine recommends

                - Shine revival dry shampoo: After parting your hair, apply the powder strand by strand, starting at the root, with a make-up brush. Brush: hair is clean and luminous. You're ready to go out into the world.

                - Shine revival shampoo: Mix two tablespoons of Orange powder with a few drops of mineral water or Shungite water, until you obtain a paste-like consistency. Use like a shampoo. It can be applied as a dry shampoo, or as a paste after mixing with water that has been filtered through Shungite stone. A masque combining orange rind powder, clay and hazelnut oil will repair and hydrate.

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