• War on Spots
    War on Spots

    We’re not talking about making a diversion nor concealing here: we’re talking about treating. L’Officine Universelle Buly professes that the best foundation is, by far, a good skin. Get to know our strategies to defy your skin’s nature and the consequences of your everyday life. To every kind of spot, a specific solution!

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  • The incredible 104-year-old barber
    The incredible 104-year-old barber

    Born more than a century ago, Shintsui is still in Olympic form and takes great care of her clients' beards and hair. She tells us about her secrets of longevity and her achievement of next year.

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  • Massage & Treatment
    Massage & Treatment

    Happiness is not just a philosophical concept. It’s also an outcome after the body has been completely freed of all tensions. A soothing moment you might want to enjoy again and again, the massage offered by the Officine Universelle Buly is the culmination of a reputed expertise in time-honoured natural beauty protocols.

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  • The Mysterious Stone
    The Mysterious Stone

    Our report about the unexpected and rare benefits of Shungite Stone in Russia.

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  • Well-being in the Stone Age
    Well-being in the Stone Age

    With 156 million entries on the net in a fraction of a second, stones and beauty are a good match. They’re now attending to our health and our well-being. To know them better and keep our heads cool, here is a short history of our beloved gems.

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    Or How Re-Conquering Her Beauty Involves Quitting

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  • Serge Lutens
    Serge Lutens

    Women were not buying make-up: they were buying freedom, and most importantly, audacity.

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  • Ever Tan
    Ever Tan

    "It is through women and sports that the suntan made its entrance into the fashionable set.” Stéphanie Hussonnois-Bouhayati explores our not-so recent passionate relationship with the sun.

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  • Exobiophilia - Part 2
    Exobiophilia - Part 2

    Meet Simon, a clumsy young provincial, who has just arrived in Paris in the hope of seducing the most beautiful - and the most difficult? - women in the world: Parisian women.

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  • How toothcare didn’t always come from a tube
    How toothcare didn’t always come from a tube

    People have been brushing their teeth for 5,000 years. But the universal chore of scrubbing our gnashers twice a day is based on rather whimsical practices.

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  • The oldest hairdresser (still working at 102 years old) gives you some hair advice...
    The oldest hairdresser (still working at 102 years old) gives you some hair advice...

    Our beauty secrets have led us to the oldest barber in the world... Still active at 102 years old, she shares with us some well kept beauty secrets.

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  • The Calligraphy Class: the right tools
    The Calligraphy Class: the right tools

    The evil of the century! Within a generation, we believe that handwriting will disappear. The Officine is resisting!A calligraphy class with a renowned teacher, to be followed every week. Here, how to choose the right tools!

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  • Paris-Cairo Confidential
    Paris-Cairo Confidential

    The journey to Egypt begins in Paris. The obelisk of the Concorde or the statues of the Châtelet anchor the Orient in a historic Paris. The Seine or the Nile, pyramid of the Louvre or Giza, all merges in unison in a scent of "Retour d'Égypte".  

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  • A Treatise on the Use of Soap
    A Treatise on the Use of Soap

    Soap may have been crowned king of hygiene in the 19th century, but he didn’t always take centre stage in the expert protocol of the bath…

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  • Exobiophilia - Part 1
    Exobiophilia - Part 1

    ‘Beauty is not that subjective. In today’s world, where people are judged and swiped left based on a single photograph, everyone roughly knows how they rank.’ Fabien Prade

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  • How to correctly pick your marine sponge?
    How to correctly pick your marine sponge?

    The rest of our tremendous Beauty Adventures in Kalymnos, Greece. Harvested by hand, sea sponges are carefully shaped and cut before joining the wooden shelves of our Officines. Part 2/2

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  • Where do scented candles come from?
    Where do scented candles come from?

    The journalist Mathilde Bertier, exposes the incredible birth of scented candles. Decorative element, they have a special symbolism in Ancient Egypt or the Middle Age. The two epochs easily agree on their distinction and elegance...

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  • The Martyrs of the sponges
    The Martyrs of the sponges

    Men dive to the depths of the Greek coast to bring back their finest treasures: rare sponges, natural and harvested alive to take care of the skin. Our camera plunges under the waves of the Aegean Sea to accompany our brave men all scuba dressed... 

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  • Mont Athos
    Mont Athos

    Never has the sky been so blue, so deep, so fierce with heat.

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  • Death, Love and Gréco
    Death, Love and Gréco

    "How was being in love? Awful. Spectacular. And awful. Especially considering the guy died, and I was 19. He was a lot older than me. It may be because he died that this thing is so beautiful, but anyway it’s very, very beautiful. It’s called pure love. After that, you love differently, you love for specific reasons. You no longer love gratuitously. Loving exists."

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