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              Alum Stone Powder

              Origin: France , 100g

              A hand-and-foot cleanser.

              23,00 € tax incl.

              • Description

                No need to have someone wait on you hand and foot to achieve beautiful nails. And that is not all…
                - This powder prepares your extremities for exfoliation: prior to applying Shea Nut powder, it whitens fingernails and toenails and brightens the skin.

                Ladies, hold out your hand and demand that it be kissed.
                - It will be relished by athletes and by those who exert themselves on a daily basis, thanks to its action against unpleasant odors.

                Gentlemen, perform the 12 labors of Hercules. But on sanitized feet.

                Our prescription

                - Antifungal and antibacterial. For hand and foot application only.

              • How to use

                1/ Used before or after exercise

                This very fine powder is to be dispensed like talcum powder directly on dry feet, for an anti-perspiration, deodorizing effect.

                Recommended dosage: apply generously on each foot prior to putting on your shoes.

                Frequency of use: as often as required.

                2/ As a foot bath

                Dispense an overflowing tablespoon of powder into a small tub of warm water; immerse your feet for 20 minutes.
                The resulting bath is cleansing and highly hygienic.

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