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              Eau Triple Sevillian Bigarade

              Fresh flowers, citrus fruits, mint, rosemary , 75ml

              A unique water-based perfume of fresh flowers and citrus fruits, enhanced with mint and rosemary. It neither precedes nor follows its wearer too intrusively.

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              • Description

                Crafted in the Officine’s test tubes, this water-based, French perfume is a technical feat, giving Buly the aura of an engineer. To achieve optimal subtlety, our Eaux Triples are miscible in a unique aqueous base. Alcohol and ethanol-free – unlike the others – these fragrances reveal the Officine’s mesmerizing scents. Their mildness makes it ideal to be used on both skin and hair, with no risk of dehydrating them. Thanks to this technical prowess, there is no reason to forego this pleasure: a unique perfume, our Eau Triple will not leave a trace on your clothing – except for Mexican Tuberose, due to its natural coloration.

                The results
                An elegant fragrance, instantly revealed, long-lasting without disrupting; a delighted circle of nearest and dearest.

                What to do next ?
                Let the wind blow your hair as it passes through. Admire yourself in the Hall of Mirrors. Settle into a sleeping compartment on the Orient-Express. Clothe yourself in humility. And for the grand finale: pop a bottle of champagne with a saber!

                Glass bottle. Made in France.

              • Scent

                Sevillian Bigarade

                The gleaming, bittersweet fragrance of the Sevillian Bigarade makes the water in the basins and fountains shiver. With the rain-shower downed in one gulp by the city, its sparkling air, sluiced clean, brims with the vivid scent of tender mint and rosemary leaves escaping from the Andalusian gardens.

                The Eau Triple Sevillian Bigarade is one of the Officine’s fragrances, also available in eleven other notes: Damask Rose, Mexican Tuberose, Calabrian Bergamot, Al Kassir, Sumi Hinoki, Makassar, English Honey, Peruvian Heliotrope, Berkane Orange Blossom, Kiso Yuzu, and Scottish Lichen

              • How to use

                Gently shake the Eau Triple flacon before using, thus reviving the water emulsion. Its alcohol-free formulation is also an invitation to perfume your bare skin and use it as a hair perfume. 

                Customers of the Officine have been reporting various extraordinary uses to our Eau Triple: some of them spray it directly after showering, so as to keep the scent of this natural perfume as close as possible; others perfume their bathwater, their linens, or their body prior to going to bed – alone or not. 

                After the last drop has been sprayed away, your glass flacon starts a second life – as a vase or a container: once it enters your life, it stays with you forever. The scent of memories may lead you to fill it up once again.

              • Ingredients

                Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Lecithin, Saponins, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbic Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol.

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