• Rice bran & matcha powder

Rice Bran & Matcha Powder

Origin: Japan , 200g

This ancient powder is an unconditional ally of a radiant and fair complexion.

74,00 € 74,00 €

74,00 €
  • Description

    The rice bran is made from brown rice, which outermost layer is removed and polished four times. In order to achieve the whiteness and the smoothness required, the rice grains are sifted as necessary. To produce 2.5kg of rice powder, 60 kg of rice are initially needed.

    Anciently, women in Kyoto started to use the liquid remaining from the soaking and rinsing of the rice as a facial cleanser. As the results were effective, it became part of their skin care routine. 
    Based on this legendary beauty tale, women from Kyoto decided then to add the antioxydant properties of matcha tea, to enhance and maximise the anti-aging effects.

    Matcha tea contains a high level of catechins, which are powerful antioxidant and antibacterial agents. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and take care of skin areas prone to acne.

  • How to use

    Daily care
    Gently massage the skin every morning with a small amount of rice bran and matcha powder to restore its light and splendour.  

    Treatment care
    Rice bran and matcha powder works wonders to reduce inflammation and the small marks left by an ugly pimple.  

    Occasional care
    A Sunday mask will be appreciated by dull and tired skin to regain radiance and light. A necessary ritual to start the week in style !  

    Radiance mask
    In a bowl, mix two teaspoons of rice bran and matcha powder with a little water filtered with a shungite stone for example. Massage the face with the cream obtained, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off with clean or ionized water.

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