Neem Powder

Gentle and purifying exfoliation of acne-prone skin , 70g

A mighty purifying powder for acne-prone skin.

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25,00 €
  • Description

    The neem or nimtree is one of the key plants in the Ayurvedic tradition.

    This purifying powder is a brilliant treatment for acne.


  • How to use

    Daily care
    Scrub your face with a few pinches of neem powder mixed with jojoba oil to purify the skin. paving the way for a promising day! 

    Treatment care
    When life becomes more stressful and the skin suffers the consequences, a detoxifying mask is needed. Neem powder is works wonder for purifying the skin and restoring its balance

    Occasional care
    When unpleasant dandruff appears and blemishes the scalp, neem is a powerful agent to purify and soothe the hair. 

    Anti-blemish treatment scrub
    Mix one tablespoon of neem powder with one teaspoon of Eau Ionisée Hygiénique Doublement Rectifiée and one teaspoon of comfrey oil. Gently exfoliate before rinsing with clean water. Finish the treatment by applying Eau Ionisée Hygiénique Doublement Rectifiée with an organic cotton pad. 

    Detoxifying scalp scrub 
    Mix one tablespoon of rosemary or nettle oil with two tablespoons of neem powder. Scrub your scalp actively. Leave on for 10-30 minutes. Brush or comb the hair. Apply shampoo directly to oiled hair and rinse as usual.

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