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              Scented Candle Sumi Hinoki

              Hinoki burnt wood, juniper and incense

              Smoked woods of hinoki, cypress and cedar compose this ashy, headstrong triptych.

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              130,00 € Tax incl. 108,33 € Tax excl.


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              • Description

                A gentle enlightenment

                Even hearts of stone will not be left unmoved by these candles, which are formulated exclusively with plant-based ingredients. Devoid of paraffin and of any other mineral compound derived from the petrochemical industry, their soft, all-natural wax is made up of rice, soy and copra; their wick is pure cotton, ensuring a steady combustion. Free of noxious effects, the plant-based nature of the waxes selected by Buly enables the preservation of the seven atmospheric fragrances’ integrity and truth, allowing for the full expression of their strengths and nuances. Carved in marble, the candle’s Buly-stamped “glass” is a luxurious and durable item reminiscent of the splendor of ancient vases and of the “hard stone” artefacts brought back from India. Just so as not to keep you in the dark: each candle is sheltered by a glass bell that preserves its fragrance and prevents dust and impurities from settling onto the wax. With their unique, varied marbles, these will be the starting point of a collection that will delight both the visual and olfactory senses. Enter a candle, entirely clothed in light. 

                The upshot

                A pleasantly fragrant room, a durable and subdued light, somewhere between eighty and a hundred hours of olfactory delight. 

                What to do next?

                Write your memoirs. Reread the letters of Madame de Sévigné. Have friends over for a fancy dinner. Enjoy a slow-cooked leg of lamb by candlelight. Spill the beans as to where you bought it. Burn it as fast as possible to make room for a new bunch of flowers. 

                Wax : 300 g. 
                Total Weight: 1,3 kg

              • Scent

                Sumi Hinoki

                Frankincense and the dark fire of sacred Hinoki wood under the summer rains of Shôno. The noble fragrance of flame-charred temples, lacquered black with smoke, of cypress chests in which silks, swords and calligraphy scrolls slumber. In the green steam of cedar and camphorwood baths, near Tokaido’s Torii, images of the floating world anchor the rumble of the torrent and the flight of the autumn leaf.

                Head notes: Cypress essence, Juniper berry essence

                Heart Notes: Hinoki burnt wood

                Bottom notes: Cedar essence, Incense essence

              • How to use

                Once the candle has been put out, simply cover it with the bell to silence its perfume. Always put it out once the top layer of wax has liquefied: the perfume has now reached its optimal diffusion. There is no point in allowing it to keep burning.

                L’Officine Universelle Buly stresses that one must always make sure a candle is completely put out before leaving the room where it is burning, and that it is imperative to keep candles out of the reach of children.

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