• Aker fassi

Aker fassi

Origin: Marocco

Inherited from Berber women’s beauty rituals, Aker Fassi sublimates one’s smile and makes the lips radiant. This entirely natural, carmine-red lipstick is manufactured from poppy’s pigment

HK$ 140.00 tax incl. HK$ 140.00

HK$ 140.00
  • Description

    In Marocco, many beauty rituals are permeated with the habits and practices of Berber women. They would sublimate their smile, at first whitened with Siwak, by using Aker, a carmine-red lipstick based on vegetal pigments. Its color reminds one of poppies' petals, which are the main ingredient of Aker Fassi.

  • How to use

    To revive this fragment of terracotta, soak a brush in hydrating oil and then rub it lightly on the Aker Fassi before applying the mix on your lips. The mouth will be elegantly adorned with a discreet sensuality.

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