• Alabastron Refill Sacre

Alabastron Refill Sacre

Perfume Concentrate : Pine, incense and cedar , 5ml

Perfume refill bottle to renew the fragrance diffusion of your alabastron.

HK$ 260.00 tax incl. HK$ 260.00

HK$ 260.00
  • Description

    Alabastron is a new mode of fragrance diffusion, heat-less and steam-less, imbued with great perfuming power. Its name derives from the Greek vases that were used to preserve the fragrant oils necessary for body care, the earliest perfumes, vases whose porous terra cotta would hold in the exquisite emanations.

    Alabastron is made up of a painted porcelain box, and of a frugally carved piece of exceptionally porous sedimentary stone, whose structure is extremely finely honeycombed. The impressive absorption coefficient of this layered mineral makes it the best and simplest of containers.

    Alabastron will fill rooms medium and small with fragrance, efficiently and durably.



    The scent of coronations, a Gloria of juniper and honey, in the glare of stained-glass windows shot through with a bolt of winter sun. The golden threads in the wall-hangings spatter the ceremony of columns and vaults, the pious silence of ivory statues. In the damp nave, misty with frankincense and cold, the fragrance of olibanum and cedarwood cajoles the soul.

    Head notes: Aldehyde, Juniper, Pine

    Heart notes: Incense

    Bottom notes: Cedar, Honey

  • How to use

    Simply poured onto the stone, the fragrant formulation naturally releases its aromas when the pretty box of white and blue porcelain remains open.

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