• Maracuja Passion Fruit Oil

Maracuja Passion Fruit Oil

Origin : Brazil

Regenerating care for embellished hair. 

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HK$ 420.00
  • Description

    Embellishing and fortifying the hair, whilst emitting an exquisite scent: passion fruit oil is hair care at its most ravishing! With its extremely fine texture, high Omega 6 and bioflavonoid content, and its antiradical virtues, it is just begging to regenerate thin, dry and brittle hair without over- burdening it.

    Rich in vitamins A and C, it helps treat flaky scalps and boost hair growth.

    Cold extraction

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    An essential tip for a glorious mane: follow our lead!

    - Hair ends capsule treatment: also known as the "baggy method", it consists in applying oil on hair ends, then wrap them up in a plastic bag. The method lacks elegance, but is incredibly efficient. apply Maracuja passion fruit oil lavishly on ends before wrapping them for a day or a (lonely!) night.

    Styling hair care for curly, frizzy, kinky hair: use after shampooing or on dry hair, as part of your daily haircare routine.

  • Ingredients

    Maracuja passion fruit

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