• Brosse ionique pour le corps

Ionic body brush

Energizes et drainage

Ideal for tonifying massages on dry skin. Exceptional source of energy for the body.

HK$ 720.00 tax incl. HK$ 720.00

HK$ 720.00
  • Description

    This magical implement is not to be put in just anybody’s hands, but it is wonderfully efficient!  The most determined and diligent among you will abide by a twice-weekly (if not more frequent) dry-brushing of the body before showering or bathing. Its noble materials – beech wood, horse hair and copper wire – must be kept dry. Brushing the skin for a few minutes using this instrument generates beneficial negative ions, which provide energy for the whole body. It stimulates lymphatic circulation; if used regularly it also cleanses the skin by eliminating dead cells and tones it. Its draining action helps erase the unsightly signs of cellulite and unify skin grain.

  • How to use

    From bottom to top on the legs, from wrist to shoulder, with short circular motions on the tummy.

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