• Assai Berry Oil

Açai Berry Oil

Origin: Brazil , 50ml

Excels in preventing signs aging on dry skin.

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  • Description

    On this palm tree grows a purple fruit nicknamed "içá-çai” (the crying fruit) by the people of the Amazon. Highly concentrated in antioxidants, its oil is renowned for the care of skin marked by the signs of aging.

    Cold extraction

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    A gentle massage for a few minutes or more before bedtime will soften and reduce the visible signs of aging. The dark purple color isn't permanent, it fades away while sensually massaged onto skin, before revealing a universal beauty.

    - Age-defying scrub: Mix two teaspoons of Shea nut powder with a teaspoon of Acai berry oil. Gently and caringly massage the signs of passing time to make them disappear and live in the moment.

    Keep away from heat sources, in order not to deteriorate the oil's tannins.

  • Ingredients

    Acai berry 

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