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              • Camellia Seed Oil

              Camellia Seed Oil

              Origin: Japan , 50ml

              Goto islands, in Japan, are the birthplace of the most precious vegetable oil for the care of the hair.

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              HK$ 420.00 tax incl. HK$ 420.00

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              HK$ 420.00

              • Description

                This precious oil, very popular in Japan, is extracted from the seeds of the camellia, or tea tree.

                Gentle, odorless and clear, it protects the skin from stress and dryness and can be used every day.

                It also comforts chapped and damaged skin.

                Cold extraction

              • How to use

                L'Officine recommends

                Traditionally prized by the sumo for coating and protecting their hair, camellia oil is appreciated for the care it provides to dry and dull hair; coat over the whole length prior to shampooing.

                Dull and/or dry hair, but also dry skin will benefit from a regular application. When lightly massaged on the edges of fingernails, it softens cuticles and prevents them from hardening.

                - Essential to maintenance of minebari wood combs.

              • Ingredients

                Camellia seeds

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