• Fukui Seed Oil

Kukui Seed Oil

Origin: Indonesia , 50ml

Kukui oil softens dry skin and restores balance on combination skin, preventing the unwelcome shine.

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  • Description

    The oil obtained from the nuts of the candlenut tree has a thin, light texture and a dry feel; easily absorbed, it is exceptionally nourishing. Rich in Omega 3, it restores the full elasticity of dry skin.

    It is also reputed to calm psoriasis.

    The candlenut is present in several areas around the Indian and Pacific oceans, where it is featured in legends and considered sacred. The Maori used to char its nuts for tattooing.

    Cold extraction

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    Shine conditioning serum: Sprinkle 5 drops of Kukui oil in your hands, comb your wet hair, starting with the ends for a gentle detangling and a shiny mane. Let it sit, do not rinse.

    Not sure about keeping oil on your face all day long? Don't worry: Kukui oil is a perfect panacea if your skin hates to shine too brightly.

    NB: recommended to dilute other heavier oils and enhance their potency.

  • Ingredients

    Kukui seeds

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