• Nigella Seed Oil

Nigella Seed Oil

Origin: Tunisia , 50ml

Anti-inflammatory and purifying actions on imperfection skins.

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No plastic Organic

HK$ 320.00
  • Description

    When Nigella’s pretty flowers wither, its seeds are harvested from their pod. When this “Black Cumin” (as the seed is commonly known) is pressed, it lets out a potent oil that has been in use since ancient Egypt.

    Its nourishing properties mollify the skin; its purifying virtues prevent the onset of blemishes and its anti-inflammatory action soothes irritations.

    The all-encompassing nature of these benefits has long been common knowledge in the Middle East, where it was once upheld as a panacea: says the Hadith, “Heal yourself using the nigella seed – it is a remedy for every affliction, except for death”.

    Cold extraction

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    Apply 4 drops of Nigella oil on a face damaged by blemishes and spots. Use it to as a mouthwash to calm inflamed gums, as a gargle to soothe sore throat.

    -Purifying cleansing soap: In a bowl, mix two teaspoons of Psyllium / India plantain with a tablespoon of Nigella oil and a tablespoon of True ionized cleansing water 2. Leave the mixture to sit for a day or a night. It should solidify. Unmold this loaf. Use it as a face soap for a week: you will be rewarded with silkiness and pureness.

  • Ingredients

    Nigella seeds

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