• Daisy Macerate

Daisy Macerate

Firming oil , 50ml

As early as the Renaissance, it was included in ointments formulated to soothe skin irritations.

HK$ 420.00 tax incl. HK$ 420.00
No plastic Organic
No plastic Organic

HK$ 420.00
  • Description

    A charming wildflower blessed with white, pink or red petals, Bellis perennis carries in its Latin name the proof of its contribution to “eternal beauty”. The maceration of the flower, notably in a neutral sunflower oil, allows for the epression of its potent natural virtues.

    It is reputed to stimulate blood vessels, reduce œdemas and bruises. Regular massages with daisy macerate fortify the contours of the chest; they help firm up the skin after pregnancy and work to tone up the outline of the face.

    Cold extraction

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    Apply to the lower half of the face, chest, arms and thighs.

    - For a glorious chest : Mix two tablespoons of Daisy macerate with ¼ teaspoon of Hyaluronic acid. Apply this beautiful mixture to the chest. L’Officine guarantees a firm and silky décolleté.

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