• Tamanu Fruit

Tamanu Fruit Oil

Origin : Indonesia , 50ml

Healing and soothing care, for hair and body

HK$ 280.00 tax incl. HK$ 280.00
No plastic Organic
No plastic Organic

HK$ 280.00
  • Description

    This small sempervirens (evergreen) tree grows along the shores of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its name is known in all the languages from this part of the world, from the Tahitian “Tamanu” to the Sinhalese “Domba.”

    The virtues of the oil extracted from its fruits are recognized by all of these peoples. Of a greenish blue hue, and very fragrant, it is thus reputed to benefit the hair and the skin.

    It is recommended to treat eczema or psoriasis. Its healing and soothing properties bring comfort to the skin of the face and body.

    Recommended to alleviate seasonal hair loss, it also restores shine and suppleness to dried out hair.

    Cold extraction Organic

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends

    Apply a few drops of this thick oil to the areas that need to be treated.

  • Ingredients

    Tamanu fruit

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