• Plum Kernel Powder

Plum Kernel Powder

Gentle body scrub , 70g

A skin-renewing scrub.
Exfoliation index 3/5 “Mezzo forte

HK$ 340.00 tax incl. HK$ 340.00

HK$ 340.00
  • Description

    This powder exudes a pleasant almond scent, absurd, but true. Suitable for all faces and leaves the skin feeling renewed. Ideal before summer, or to revive an unduly long winter…

    Our prescription

    - For facial application only.
    - Suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
    - Suitable for combination and oily skin.

  • How to use

    Les recommandations de l'Officine

    Recipe : 
    - Relaxing body scrub: Mix the delicate scent of Plum kernel oil to the vigorous Plum kernel powder. Rub your skin until smooth. Let the enchanting smell bewitch you.

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