• Peony Powder

Peony Powder

Micro-circulatory scrub , 50g

A gentle scrub for the face and chest.
Exfoliation index 2/5 “Più moderato"

HK$ 335.00 tax incl. HK$ 335.00

HK$ 335.00
  • Description

    The extraordinary power of peony will make you blush… Sensitive and mature skin types now have their go-to scrub: it fosters microcirculation and skin regulation, with a potent anti-free-radical effect. Keep it in mind if you are feeling stressed out. Calm down and make room for peony! 

    Our prescription

    - Recommended for sensitive and mature skin
    - Suitable for irritated, dry skin
    - Recommended after excessive sun exposure
    - Recommended to alleviate any bags and rings under your eyes – as a very gentle scrub, or as an under-eye masque

  • How to use

    L'Officine recommends 

    A wonderful powder to mix with your favorite oil to soothe your skin if you stayed in the sun for too long.

    Recipe :
    - No more tears Bath: Let your tears fall into the bath and throw in a tablespoon of Peony powder and half a tablespoon of Shea butter. Immerse yourself in this comforting alcove. Let it lull away the sorrow.

    - Comforting after-sun scrub: Mix a tablespoon of Peony oil to a tablespoon of Plantain macerate. Massage your body with this mixture. Rinse with Shungite water, clear water, or True ionized cleansing water 1.

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