• Scented Candle Campagne d'Italie

Scented Matches Campagne d'Italie

Another way to quickly and elegantly perfume the ambient air.

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HK$ 190.00
  • Description

    The deodorizing power of matches has been attested for centuries, notably when it comes to sanitizing the restroom’s atmosphere quickly and innocuously. This property was especially remarkable back when matches were made with sulfur. Harmful and too easily flammable, this element has been substituted with another, but the deodorizing power of matches remains. Inspired by this surprising virtue, Officine Universelle Buly has invented the Scented Match.

    Cut to a greater length than usual in a tender wood, then coated with a scented solution, the matches fill a room’s atmosphere with fragrance in one fell swoop. Even as they catch fire, they are an elegant and odorous prelude to the aromas of the Scented Candles which they can conveniently light.


    Campagne d'Italie

    Hints of leather, bark, earth, pine needles and summer-roasted leaves. The plains, white with sun and crisscrossed by scout honey bees, make for a blinding wait. In the warm shade of the woods, amid the thick silence of the oaks and cedars, the clatter of horses being harnessed, the impatience of restless hoofs, the glare of rifles before the charge.

    Grapefruit • Bergamot • Nutmeg • Patchouli • Oak • Cedar • Tonka • Sandalwood • Vanilla

  • How to use

    Caution: make sure a match is fully put out before it is thrown away and keep them out of children’s reach.

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