• Shungite Stone

Shungite Stone

, 200g

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  • Description

    This deep-black stone is a rare, amazing mineral from Russia. Its high concentration in fullerenes – interestingly-shaped carbon molecules – and its composition that includes silica, magnesium and potassium imbue it with numerous properties: it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

    In the 18th century, Tsar Peter the Great sent his personal physician to Karelia to study a mineral-rich water-spring known as Martsialnaya – a reference to Mars, the deity – and renowned for remedying a number of health issues. The Tsar then had three spa castles built on the spot, for himself and his family. It is now known that it is the presence of shungite that is perpetually enriching the region’s mineral waters.


    Soak 200g of shungite stones in 100mL of water for a day to create a soothing, smoothening and regenerative beauty water that can be used in several different ways: as a makeup removing lotion, as rinsing water or as a base to create your own masques and scrubs.

    Origin: Russia

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