• shungite galet

Shungite Galet

Stone for massage. Heals acne-prone skin , 25g , 50g

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  • Description

    This deep black stone is a rare and fascinating mineral extracted in Russia. It has a high concentration in fullerene, a carbon molecule made of silica, magnesium and potassium, which explains its numerous properties: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. In the 18th century, Czar Peter I sent his personal physician in Carelia to study a natural spring particularly rich in minerals named Martsialnaya.

    According to Mars, God of war, it is well known for its healing powers on various ailments. The Czar had three palatial spa treatment facilities built there, for him and his family. We now know that shungite has been enriching the natural springs in the area.

  • How to use

    The Officine recommends:

    Shungite galet is exclusively recommended for skin inflamed with acne, helping to repair, soothe and heal unsightly blemishes. Used on other skin types, it will leave dark traces that can be erased with one of our True ionized cleansing waters. The stone is best used to give a massage or to apply oil or ionized water onto your damaged face, back or torso.

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